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Dear Breeders and Friends of Gestüt Tannenhof,

This year, Gestüt Tannenhof can look back on 26 years of history. During this quarter of a century, a "tender plant" has gone through a remarkable development. Many factors have contributed to its success – but in particular it was the incentive never to stagnate at one level. We are, of course, very pleased with what we have achieved and it is not without pride that we report on this in the Tannenhof Magazine. We will always endeavor to continuously improve.

Sport and breeding are inseparable for Gestüt Tannenhof. In the end, we ourselves must be convinced of our stallions and their genetic as well as sport potential if they are to be competitive on the market. Only sires that improve breeding will be able to bring our breeders to the next level and thus Tannenhof as well.


Your team at Gestüt Tannenhof

Klaus C. Plönzke